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Air Mass Meters

In order to comply with the vehicle emission limits demanded by law, it is necessary to maintain a given air / fuel ratio exactly. This requires sensors which precisely register the actual air-mass flow and output a corresponding electrical signal to the open and closed-loop control electronics. 

pierburg air flow meters longfordThe air mass meter, or sometimes called the air flow meter, is used to determine the airflow that is being delivered to your engine. It does this by sending an electronic signal to the cars ECU, and so sends the correct signal to the fuel injectors that regulate the amount of fuel that is delivered to the engine.  The air mass meter is located in the engine compartment usually adjacent to the air filter assembly. 

meat & doria air flow meters longfordIf you are experiencing a hesitation on acceleration or a poor idle, this may be the result of a bad air mass meter. The best way to determine if you need a new air flow meter is to check the computer diagnostic codes. The main major manufacturers of air mass meters/sensors are VDO, Pierburg, Siemens, Mahle and Denso; all of which are available instore.

Avoid Cheaper Pattern Parts

Please note that more and more cheap pattern parts, mostly from Asia, are coming into the market and some of these have problems regarding quality and performance. In our experience these versions only lead to more problems and expense in the future.

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