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Engine additives

bardahl engine additivesThe Bardahl range available in store offers a comprehensive range of engine additives to aid performance such as:

  • Oil treatment: increases viscosity of warm oil, reduces engine wear & oil consumption
  • Engine tune-up & flush: maintains cleanliness, frees sticky valves, lifters & rings
  • Fuel injector cleaner: reduces fuel consumption, reduces black smoke from exhaust
  • Diesel system cleaner: protects injection system, reduces fuel consumption
  • Octane booster: increases combustion, easier cold starting
  • Radiator stop leak: seals and prevents leaks in cooling system
  • Radiator flush: eliminates deposits in the cooling system, improves coolant circulation
  • Gear oil additive: helps reduce noise in transmissions and gearboxes
  • Carburettor cleaner: improves power and responsiveness, improves fuel economy

These additives are also available in store in well-known brands such as Lucas, Holts and Cyclo.

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