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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What oil should I put in my car? 


This is the most frequently asked question by customers in recent times.

When you buy a second hand car it is very difficult to get information regarding what oil has been used in your car.

Most of today's cars are supplied with Fully Synthetic oil. There are many variants of Fully Synthetic oils, from standard to long life to low saps

engine oil longfordMany of the modern Audi / VW, BMW and Mercedes models use a longlife 504.507spec oil which has a 30,000km service life.

Many drivers still prefer to use high quality semi-synthetic oil, but carry out oil changes every 8,000km -10,000km.

The advent of the Diesel Particle filter in many modern cars, especially Peugeot, require that special care is required when choosing the correct oils.

Paper oil filters are also very common on modern engines. Note that these filters can be problematic if service intervals are not adhered to. It is not unusual to see filter collapse causing engine failure on modern cars.

Follow this link to find the correct oil for your


2. What is the correct battery for my car?


There is a very simple formula to follow to establish the correct battery for your car.

Firstly you start with a basic car model. The requirements are as follows.

Small car - small battery. Add extra amps as follows.

  • Car has ABS, Electric Windows, Phone etc. - add more amps.
  • Similarly with a diesel model a higher amp battery is required.

Note that the higher the amps the more expensive the Battery. You can download an App on your smart phone which will tell you what battery you require for your vehicle.

battery testing longfordbattery testing longfordIn store we provide Battery Testing Free of Charge. We give you a print out of the condition of your battery using the latest Midtronics Technology. This removes the necessity to purchase of a new battery when it is not required.

We also take your old battery which will be safely recycled.


3. When fitting a complete clutch kit, there is often difficulty bleeding the new clutch. How can this be resolved?


This can be solved very easily. When fitting a new clutch concentric cylinder, often a piece of plastic can get left in the old feed pipe.

When this is left behind it works like a non-return valve, and the pressure built up can damage the new cylinder and the clutch master cylinder.

This can lead to a very expensive and unnecessary repair.

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