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This category covers transmission components such as CV joints, driveshafts and wheel bearings. 

metelli cv joints longfordMetelli, LOBRO and Interparts are leading brands in the CV joint and driveshaft market, a full range of which are available in our store. The classic symptom of a worn or damaged outer CV joint is a popping or clicking noise when turning. If the noise gets louder, the outer joint should be replaced. CV joint repairs should not be put off as failures can have serious results. Metelli offers a vast range of driveshaft joints for European vehicles, while Interparts provides for the Japanese and Korean market. Both brands are manufactured to the highest quality standards.

lobro cv joints longfordIf the CV boot is loose, split, cracked, torn, or punctured, chances are the joint is noisy because it has lost its supply of grease and/or the joint has been contaminated by dirt or water. Either way, the boot and joint will probably have to be replaced. If a joint isn't making noise but the boot is damaged, the boot should be replaced immediately. For this reason, we also stock a complete range of First Line and LOBRO CV boots for all makes.

skf wheel bearings longfordSKF offers the widest range of wheel bearings and hub units in the aftermarket. Wheel bearings are essential to the ride safety of your car. The inner and outer bearings found at each wheel cushion the contact between the wheel and the spindle it sits on. They're packed with grease to prevent wear from the friction produced by the turning wheels. Wheel bearings are some of the most important and least regarded parts of your vehicle's drivetrain. When they start to fail, wheel bearings typically emit a signature grinding or whining sound and should be replaced immediately. Check in store for availability.


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