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BM Motor Factors provide a large selection of power washers in Karcher brand for both domestic use and commercial. We stock a large variety but there is many other items available to order. We also do a large selection of power tools and car tools from both King Tony and Sealey. We also receive monthly specials from Sealey which are their best sellers and are available for next day collection if not in stock. They include Compressors, Power Tools, Workshop Tools, Construction Tools and many more.


Experts recommend you change your oil every 3000 miles. It is very important to make sure that you use the correct oil in your car and as there is such a large selection of oil feel free to ask our staff which is suitable for your car. It's possible that you will need to top up your oil in-between services as well. It is always a good idea to keep a 1 litre top-up of oil in your boot. When selecting the right oil for your car, don't assume that cheap engine oil will be poor quality. Also don't assume that the most expensive is the best engine oil. Choose the right spec oil for your car and change it regularly. We are main stockist of Eurol oil and we also supply Lotus, Comline, Castrol etc.

Car Care

These days people spend a lot of money on keeping their car like new. This includes washing, polishing and buffing on a regular basis. Putting in new car seat covers and floor mats keeps your car looking fresh and easy to clean. At BM Motor Factors we stock a large selection of products for giving your car the love and attention that it deserves considering how much work it does and how much time we now spend in our cars. These include shampoo, polishes, waxes, dash wipes, brushes, screen wash, rust treatments, paints, glass care, scratch repair and air fresheners, tyre shine and many more products in store. We stock Holts, Autoglym, Meguiars, Magic Tree, Prestone and Simoniz and many more well-known brands.

For more information on our accessories, please contact us.